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ATTN: Cannabis Industry Newcomers

Since its legalization (cannabis) in some states in the US, for medical and or recreational uses, the cannabis industry has since taken a giant leap in the business arena. This is evident as most states were the drug is legal are now experiencing the creation of cannabis farms, cannabis dispensaries, and many individuals are fast becoming Cannapreneurs.
Cannabis: Changing the Game
The legalization of cannabis alone in some states in the US is certainly a step in the right direction. This isn’t only because of the medical benefits associated with the drug but also the profitable nature of the plant. Which has of course given rise to one of the most lucrative industries in the world today (cannabis industry). Thanks to the increase in demand for cannabis as well as cannabis-infused-products, many entrepreneurs are gradually making it big in an industry that was once tagged “futureless” by some skeptics.


 To quote RareDankness "Not all growers are businessmen and not all businessmen are growers". And those who are genuinely interested in being a part of this growing industry should know a couple things if they are experienced growers or just an
Drop the ego, it doesn't matter how much you think you know weed, the world of cannabis is ever-expanding and we have barely scratched the surface. Teamwork makes the dream work. If you're a supervisor or an owner, lead by example. I've met only a handful of owners that have actually gotten there hands deep in the soil, one of them being my dad. If you can't lead by example, this industry might not be for you. Don't take shortcuts, if your grower says you need a 205 pint dehumidifier don't get a 100 pint one to save costs. Shortcuts cost you time, sanity and money in the end. Just do things right the first time, do your damn research.

Cannabis Farming and Pesticides
Cannabis like most other crops faces many challenges. One of which comes in the form of pests (insects), since they never forfeit any opportunity to destroy or limit a plant's growth. While this has been a persistent issue, farmers thanks to extensive research found refuge in pesticides, which proved effective at first. However, the chemicals components of some pesticides proved detrimental to the health of some cannabis consumers, making it not ideal for the cultivation of healthy cannabis. 

The first known use of a pesticide was elemental sulfur dusting, used in ancient Sumer over 4,000 years ago. Just because it was used by our ancestors does not make it okay.
Pesticides have been implicated in human studies of leukemia, lymphoma, and cancers of the brain, breasts, prostate, testis, and ovaries. Reproductive harm from pesticides includes birth defects, stillbirth, spontaneous abortion, sterility and infertility.(

So where does that leave us and Cannabis farming? Although there are cannabis approved pesticides out in the market, we don't really know the long term effects yet. There may be none at all and that's what I'm hoping for but when it comes down to the weed we grow and smoke I rather know I won't have to worry 5, 10, 20 years from now. 
CubanCrewColorado: Predatory Insects
If your tool is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail. Pesticides are what I consider a shotgun approach to pests, and the spread can hit smokers if you don't know what you're doing. I prefer the fun approach, unleashing thousands of ladybugs into our veg room can be pretty amazing. I consulted for a grow with a heavy aphid infestation, ladybugs were the hammer. It didn't take long before there were more ladybugs than aphids. These are some of my personal favorite predators.
  • Ladybird Beetle (Ladybug)
  • Mantodea (Praying Mantis)
  • Chrysopidae (Green Lacewings)
  • Amblyseius californicus (Predatory Mite Species)
and more, we don't take the shotgun approach but aim to complement the natural predatory vs prey ecosystem. 

Final Note
Whether you grow your own or work at a licensed facility, consider option B for pests. Give ArbicoOrganics a call or whoever you prefer , pick their brains, ask them questions and tell them your issues. You might be surprised there is dope ass way to kill a mite or an aphid. Watch those suckers get eaten, nature is metal after all. 

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